Superfine skins have their advantages and disadvantages. How many years can they generally be used?

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Superfine skins have their advantages and disadvantages. How many years can they generally be used? The advantages of super-fibre leather are chemical resistance, wrinkle resistance, abrasion resistance, machinability and quality uniformity.


1. The folding fastness is comparable to that of natural leather. Normal temperature bending can reach 200,000 times without cracks at low temperature (- 20 degrees) and 30,000 times without cracks (good temperature resistance and mechanical properties).

2. Medium elongation (good skin feeling).

3. The tearing strength and peeling strength are higher (high wear resistance, tearing force and tensile strength).

4. There will be no pollution from production to use, and the environmental protection performance is superior.

Disadvantages: Comfort, air permeability and moisture permeability are a little different from dermis.

PU artificial leather features: high strength, thin and elastic, soft and smooth, good permeability and water permeability, and waterproof. At low temperature, it still has good tensile strength and flexural strength, good light aging resistance and hydrolysis stability. It is not wear-resistant, its appearance and performance are close to natural leather. It is easy to wash, decontaminate and sew. Smooth and compact surface, can be used for various surface treatment and dyeing, a variety of varieties

Ultra-fibrillar skin can be used for several years.

The normal service life of the general super-fibre skin is 3-5 years, and the quality of the super-fibre skin will be longer correspondingly. Usually it seldom lasts for ten years.

Some of the top super-fibre leather in foreign countries have high technology content and will be more expensive than dermis for high-end applications. Ultra-fibre leather is the most similar to dermis in appearance. Its thickness uniformity, tear strength, brightness and utilization ratio of leather surface are better than natural leather. It has become the development direction of contemporary synthetic leather. If there is dirt on the surface of super-fibre skin, it can be scrubbed with high-grade gasoline or clean water. It must not be scrubbed with other organic solvents or alkaline substances to prevent damage to the quality. Ultrafiltration conditions: thermal setting temperature of 100 does not exceed 25 minutes, 120 does not exceed 10 minutes, 130 does not exceed 5 minutes.